Bible Covers

Nowadays, Bible covers have designs that are varied and innumerable. There is a perfect cover that suits your age, profession, even lifestyle as a Christian or believer. More often than not, these covers are made from a mix of canvas and polyester.

Use Bible Covers to Take Care your Bibles.

Most of the time, covers have embellishments too like a zipper, a pen holder, or even a carrying handle to make it portable. Below are some of the common kinds of Bible covers that you can go for.

For Men and Women

Men usually like Bible covers that have form, but serves its function as well. For instance, men go for covers that are usually functional, like covers that might have plenty of pockets so it can double as an organizer. As for color, most men like dark colors, maybe black or dark blue along with simple designs.

Alternatively, women usually prefer covers that have more pizzazz and style. They also make vibrant color choices.


Teenagers would obviously pick Bible covers that showcase their personality. One popular color for teen girls would be hot pink; others would prefer to have the distressed or frayed look on their Bible covers.

On the other hand, teenage boys are more into edgy designs. They usually like to go for designs that uphold bold statements like "New Rebellion," or "Hardcore Christian." Moreover, other Bible covers are made with a strap which allows the cover to work and function as a body bag, perfect for young adults and teens.

Choosing and picking Bible covers doesn't have to be a tiresome task. If you are bent in protecting something that is very precious to you, then you should not hesitate in getting your own Bible covers today.

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